SOCAT: Socket Optimized for Comfort with Advanced Technology

The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs recently selected Florida State University and HPMI to lead a $4,400,000 project to develop comfortable lightweight, multifunctional sockets for prosthetic limbs. Read the announcement here.


  • Developing the next generation above-knee socket systems leveraging innovative materials, advanced manufacturing technology and holistic system approach

  • Enabling more fulfilling lives for amputee patients by providing unprecedented comfort,  functionality, mobility and efficient energy expenditure

The Principal Investigator Dr. Chad Zeng holds one of the miniature components that will make up the new SOCAT prototype. Florida State University's High-Performance Materials Institute is leading a team consisting of Georgia Tech, St. Petersburg College, Advanced Materials Professional Services, Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates and Quantum Motion Medical to develop the prototype. Click the image to see the video.


  • “On-demand” autonomous volume change management

  • Effective pistoning control

  • Minimal septic skin reactions from wearing the socket for extended periods

  • Intelligent skin temperature control

  • Real-time sensing of socket/liner environment

  • Onboard diagnostics for situation awareness for patient safety and comfort

  • Export of diagnostic data for evidence-driven patient care



The SOCAT team of engineers has produced a light-weight material that autonomously expands and contracts with a patient's limb as it changes in volume throughout the day. This advancement should eliminate the need to continuously add and remove additional socks during the day and provides increased damping and cushioning for additional comfort.






Volume Change Management

  • Real-time autonomous volume change accommodation with biocompatible auxetic foam for needed space and comfortable fit

  • Dampening and cushioning for additional comfort

Auxetic Materials

volume chage

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Temperature Control and Thermal Management


Highly efficient, fast responsive thermal management system that will be built into SOCAT

Carbon nanotube buckypaper will play a key role in the thermal management system


Socket Environment Monitoring and Situation Awareness


video link

(Click image to see video.)