"My HPMI internship gave me great research experience in a relaxed but professional environment. Seeing a practical application to my engineering studies has been great, it takes away the monotony of studying everything out of a book."
-- Johnathan Lenoff, Mechanical Engineering
"During my summer internship at HPMI, I was given the opportunity to be directly involved in a cutting edge materials research project. The knowledge, experience, and skills I gained from working on this project are invaluable to me, and I would encourage any student to apply for an internship at HPMI."
-- Jennifer Zerbe, Chemical-Biomedical Engineering
"Florida State University's summer internship program at the High Performance Materials Institute was truly a rewarding experience. Students that are given the opportunity to participate in future offerings should expect to be exposed to cutting edge research under the guidance of some of the foremost authorities in their respective engineering fields. For those interested, it is a great way to move beyond undergraduate class work and begin to make the connections and form the habits needed for graduate study."
-- Farag Abdelsalam, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
"The HPMI internship gave me an inside look at a research environment. I was able to use the knowledge I had gained from my classes, assist others with a research project that I was interested in, and provide input when colleagues needed a second opinion. Overall, I feel like I really made a difference in the research."
-- Steve Tsalickis, Electrical & Computer Enginering
"HPMI provided me with an experience that opened my eyes to modern composite fabrication techniques relevant to the future of manufacturing. I view my experience here as invaluable to shaping my academic chocies and future progress as an engineer."
-- Duncan Haldane, Mechanical Engineering

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HPMI occupies a newly completed building of 45,000 sq ft space and equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentations in 13 labs and a high-bay manufacturing facility. The summer interns will work under the supervision of HPMI principal investigators and work side-by-side with HPMI research assistants and post-doctoral fellows. Dr. Okenwa Okoli will be the Program Director.

Summer 2011 Retaining Engineers through Research Entrepreneurship and Advanced-Materials Training (RETREAT)

Summer 2009 internships

Each year, the High-Performance Materials Institute (HPMI) at Florida State University is looking for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing science and technology majors to participate in a paid summer internship program.

Majors of interest include, but are not limited to: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, and all forms of Engineering

Students will work in multidisciplinary groups headed by one or more professors associated with HPMI as well as graduate students currently working at HPMI. Sample projects include: Design, manufacture and fly carbon fiber composite unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Research and development of smart structures with intrinsic structural health monitoring capability by harnessing triboluminescence and photocatalysis

Building nano-material based lightning strike protection for composite aircrafts

Look for the announcement early each year for the summer opportunities.